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Discover a transformative experience where wellness and hair converge harmoniously.

Welcome to Melbourne Hair Organics, nestled in the heart of Canterbury in the City of Boroondara. Our salon offers a unique and innovative concept that seamlessly intertwines Holistic Energy with Traditional Hairdressing Services. Discover a personal & transformative experience. 

Every service includes: Two sensory rituals to ensure your ultimate relaxation.

Where Hair Meets Holistic Wellness

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At Melbourne Hair Organics, we take great care in tailoring all our colour services to your specific
needs and preferences. This level of personalisation ensures that you receive the perfect shade
and treatment.
To guarantee this, we kindly request a consultation booking. During this consultation, we delve
deep into understanding your individual requirements. We consider factors such as the health
of your scalp, the length, density, and texture of your hair, as well as its porosity and tenacity.
All these elements are analysed meticulously to take into account your overall hair health.
This thorough consultation process enables us to provide you with an accurate and
personalised quote, ensuring that your unique expectations are met to the fullest. Your hair
health and your satisfaction are our utmost priorities.


A new concept that intertwines Holistic Energy Modalities
with Traditional Hairdressing Services.

New Client Colour Consultation

Are you hesitant or unsure about what kind of colour would suit you & your lifestyle?


 Book a Complimentary Consultation today.

Customised AVEDA Colour.

Regrowth 6 weeks                                                                             $99
Regrowth 6 weeks and Colour Gloss to Mid-lengths & Ends.    $150

Regrowth 6 weeks with Aveda EnLightener                                  $120
(basin service after lightening).

Toner/Gloss from                                                                                                                                                  $99

Customised AVEDA Highlighting
(Includes Foils & Balayage)

Face Frame                                                   from $111
½ head                                                           from $144
¾ head                                                           from $177
Full Head                                                       from $222

MHO Signature Cut & Finish

Short back & Sides                                 $65

Short Length (chin length)                    $99
Medium Length                                       $109
Long Length                                             $115
Fringe                                                        $35

Signature Dry Cut                                    $75

Great Lengths Hair Extension Services.
(Includes your home care, brush, and a complementary wave to check in 2 weeks after application)

Quote on Consultation
Book a Complimentary Hair Extension Consultation

Hair Repair Organic Keratin

Incredible on blondes, does not change tone or colour!

Short Full Service                  from $122                  Express Service                     from $99
Medium Full Service             from $199                  Express Service                     from $122
Long Full Service                   from $255                  Express Service                     from $133
Extra Long Full Service         from $344                  Express Service                     from $144

Blow Dry & Styling

Short Length                                                                    $75
Medium Length                                                               $90
Long Length                                                                     $105
Dry Styling curls or straighten on dry clean hair.       $75

Blow Dry with Colour Service                                       $55

Hair & Scalp Ritual's

Hair & Scalp Spa Rituals
Recommended with Your Custom Cut & Blowdry or Blowdry

From: $ 75                                                                            30min 



At Melbourne Hair Organics, our unwavering dedication revolves around delivering an
unparalleled level of service, utilising premium products, and providing expert guidance, all
while prioritising your ultimate satisfaction. We consider your contentment of utmost
importance in every aspect of our service.

Before each appointment, we diligently conduct a deep dive consultation, ensuring
that we totally understand your unique needs and preferences. Additionally, as part
of our guest care, we seek your consent for aspects such as before and after photos and the
inclusion of any inspirational images in your personal file. These records are meticulously
maintained to enhance our service continuity and your overall experience.

Our overarching goal remains steadfast: to ensure that each guest departs from our salon with a big smile of happiness with their hair. 

In the unlikely event that you are not entirely happy with the outcome of your service, we are pleased to offer a complimentary redo within 7 days of your initial visit. Please note that this policy is not applicable for changes of preference, which will be subject to additional charges.

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