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Our Difference

Welcome to our sanctuary of holistic hair care, where we embark on a unique and natural hair journey tailored just for you.

At Melbourne Hair Organics, we don't just create amazing hair; we nurture it, embracing a holistic approach that focuses on your individual needs and desires.


Meet our Founder
Rose Hadeed

With an unwavering passion for the art of hairdressing, Rose Hadeed the visionary founder of Melbourne Hair Organics boasts nearly four decades of dedicated experience within the industry. For Rose, hairdressing is not merely a profession; it's a lifelong journey, an intricate tapestry of creativity, skill, and unwavering commitment.

Having immersed herself in every facet of hairdressing, Rose has sculpted a deeply rewarding career, firmly believing that the best is yet to come. Over the past eight years, she has not only practiced her craft but also shared her extensive knowledge as a dedicated educator. As a Diploma Qualified Vocational Education and Training Educator, Rose comprehends the unique learning barriers and styles inherent to each student. Her mission is clear: to empower her students, enhancing their skills, knowledge, and confidence, ensuring a seamless transition into the dynamic world of hairdressing.

Beyond her role as an educator, Rose is a proponent of holistic well-being.

Drawing from her personal journey, she has seamlessly integrated various vibrational healing modalities into her life, aligning herself with her deepest values. This holistic approach to life is reflected in Melbourne Hair Organics, a haven where hairdressing excellence meets energy work. Her love of the healing energy of crystals is evident as you enter, and this just adds to an already sense of calm in the ambience at Melbourne Hair Organics.  

Today, Melbourne Hair Organics stands as a testament to Rose’s enduring commitment to the future of the hairdressing industry, holistic hairdressing and the well-being of all. Her dedication is not just to the art of hairdressing but to the transformation of lives, one guest at a time.

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